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Academic Program

As noted, the academic program at Bluewaters Academy is based on a blend of both the Nigerian and UK (IGCSE) curriculums. At the end of Year 9, students will be prepared to write the IGCSE Checkpoint and WASSCE exams. The aim is to offer students a comprehensive education that offers students a variety of academic and non-academic opportunities to develop themselves. 


Educational Plan:

Bluewaters has designed an educational experience that will provide a range of opportunities where each individual child can develop their talents and for meet all their cognitive, behavioural, skills and aptitude needs. On leaving the School, every student will be equipped to be able to transit successfully to the next stage of their educational journey. They will have the skills and ability required to be successful in the world of work and life in the 21st century whilst retaining their identity in a constantly changing world.  

The overarching plans for achieving the educational goals of the School are:

1. Providing a unique, blended, internally developed academic curriculum that is integrated with the best in the British and Nigerian curricula. This will involve:

a. Implementing the Nigerian curriculum and presenting students for BECE in Year 9 and WAEC in Year 12.

b.  Implementing the British National curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4, preparing students to write the Checkpoint exams at the end of Year 9 and IGCSE at the end of Year 11.

2. Deliberately and intentionally building lifelong skills such as innovation, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, digital literacy and personal leadership, that will ensure that the students are life-long learners with the skills and discipline to pursue excellence in all their endeavours.

3.  Our core values and traditions are derived from Christian principles. To this end, the School will instil virtues such as honesty, kindness, diligence, compassion, mutual respect and a healthy and robust embrace of diversity of colour, race, gender and religion. 

a. We value in every child: Confidence and humility, hard work and excellence.

b. We celebrate leadership and moral uprightness, responsibility and faithfulness, modesty and an entrepreneurial spirit.

c. We will instill in every child self-confidence and integrity through hard-work and excellence demonstrated in their personal qualities, skills and talents.

    • Eramus University Rotterdam
    • Hanze University Of Applied Sciences
    • Tilburg University
    • Vrije University Amsterdam
    • Twenty University
    • University Of Hague
    • Lancaster University
    • Germany University College Dublin
    • University Of Simon Fraser
    • University Of Manitoba
    • Royal Roads University